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2014 - Harmonious & Elegant vintage

Fruity, elegant, and harmonious … these are the  main characteristics of the 2014 vintage.
The unusual climatic conditions during the growth cycle until the harvest necessitated great vigilance and a lot of involvement from our team. This has resulted in different volumes depending on the areas and very good-quality grapes with intense aromas and well-balanced.

Our winemaker Sylvain Jean explains us the vintage.

"After a very wet winter, spring was particularly dry and hot, and the growth cycle accelerated suddenly, suggesting early harvests. Then the summer arrived and with it came heavy rains and relatively cool temperatures which resulted in great vigilance and a day-to-day involvement of our team in the parcels.
The heat finally arrived late in August and the Indian summer early in September contributed towards optimum maturity. We had to wait until each variety had achieved optimal ripeness according to their level of sugar and the weather conditions, which sometimes resulted in a change in harvesting habits !

On the whole, the harvest was generous, for Grenache grapes in particular, which is a noticeable difference compared to 2013.

Red Côtes du Rhône and Villages wines are characterized by silky tannins and beautiful colours, producing generous, spicy wines.

Rosé wines are very aromatic (Harlequin’s boiled sweets) and boast elegant pale colours.

The white wines which were spared from the strong summer heat, are expressive, fresh-tasting and well-balanced.

In Gigondas, wines are expected to be elegant and well-structured.

In Vacqueyras, the first blends are marked by floral notes and velvety tannins.

In Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the vintage is expected to be a classic of its kind, and very characteristic of Grenache grapes." November 2014

2014  - Harmonious & Elegant vintage