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Vintage 2017- Limited quantity, beautiful quality

Sylvain Jean, the head winemaker, is the guarantor of the « Louis Bernard » style, which is very much focused on Grenache, the king of grapes in the southern Rhône Valley.
He explains the main characteristics of the 2017 vintage :  "...a record...

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2015 - An exceptional Vintage!

“Quality, quantity, concentration… these are the main characteristics of the 2015 vintage. The climatic conditions during the growth cycle until the harvest have been at their best to obtain one of the greatest vintage of the last decade.” says Sylvain...

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2014 - Harmonious & Elegant vintage

Fruity, elegant, and harmonious … these are the  main characteristics of the 2014 vintage.
The unusual climatic conditions during the growth cycle until the harvest necessitated great vigilance and a lot of involvement from our team. This has resulted in...

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2014  - Harmonious & Elegant vintage

Patience & Vigilance, the keys to success for an out-of-the ordinary 2013 Vintage.

A little patience and a great deal of vigilance: this is what our teams needed to ensure that the vineyards remained healthy, that our grapes ripened as they should and that the different varieties were picked at the right time. 
The cold wet spring...

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While the 2012 harvest was generally low in terms of quantity, there was no shortage of quality and the wines should be a pleasure to drink!

Sylvain Jean, oenologist at Louis Bernard, November 2012: “The weather was almost spring-like as we finished the 2012 harvests on Thursday, 18 October. Most areas were finished around the 10th, but the Mourvèdres had to be harvested later. This grape variety is...

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2011 - Vigilance & presence: watchwords for quality in the 2011 vintage

Contrasting, uneven, complicated... such is the list of adjectives used to describe the 2011 vintage. The weather during the grapes’ ripening period and during the harvest gave our oenologists a difficult task. Sylvain explains why 2011 was an “exceptional”...

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